Friday, May 4, 2012

Sunny Sunday at the Park

We enjoyed a great weekend with a favorite visitor in town.  Kristi Kendall came in on Friday night and was with us until Sunday.  We were sad to see her's always so fun when she is around.  Somehow we managed to have the whole weekend go by and not get a picture together.  Boo!  Luckily I did get a good one of her and Cole at lunch on Saturday.  Cuties!
We had all kinds of fun this weekend at Cole's soccer game, a girls night out for dinner and a movie (American Reunion was so much better than we thought it would be!), enjoying our favorite wine filled with fun memories and a fun trip to the park with the kids.

There is a hill at the park that the kids love to ride their bikes down.  Miss K has her own special way of riding down which involves no peddles.  You really need volume to give this picture justice...just picture her grinning ear to ear screaming, "WEEEEE!" as she comes flying down the hill.  Then at the bottom she laughs and says, "I need to do that again!"  This repeats usually 10-12 times.
Can't get over these cuties...they climbed up the tree and were happy to pose for Mommy! 
 Sweet kisses from my sweet Miss K!

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Karla said...

Such cuties...and I love K's piggies!