Saturday, April 7, 2012

Valley of the SUN!

You have to love spring living in Arizona...nothing but pure bliss with warm weather, constant sunshine and tons to do.  Here are the kids enjoying a couple of beautiful days.

Cole "painting" the play structure one afternoon.  I think it was 80 that day but he never changed out of his clothes from church, hence the long pants and long sleeves.

A rare moment of the kids playing together without drama.  I think shortly after this Kenleigh threw herself on the floor in a fit because Cole wouldn't give her one of the Playdoh tools.  Ah well.
I'm also excited for my 2nd year of gardening!  We had great success last year with basil, tomatoes, broccoli and jalapenos.  This year we are growing basil, tomatoes, red onions, peppers, asparagus and cabbage.  Here's how the garden looked last weekend.  We've already got tomatoes growing!  We also have a hanging basket filled with strawberries.  Some almost ready to eat!
The kids had Bunny Breakfast at school this week.  Cole was happy to pose with the bunny but Kenleigh refused.  I think it was because they had jelly beans on the table and she was more interested in eating those than smiling with the bunny.  The kids have been learning a lot about Easter at school and Cole likes to remind us all that Jesus died for our sins, oh and that he had 12 disciples too.
Had to throw in this crazy one of Miss K.  Her hair is out of control but I refuse to cut it.  I think because she was bald for so long that I just cannot bear to cut any of it.  This picture proves someone needs to intervene and take her for a hair cut.  Auntie??


Kristie said...

I'm on it!!! ;)

Karla said...

Love your nuggets! Need another Blubaum fun night soon:)