Saturday, January 26, 2013

Halloween 2012!

We had good times in October with Cole's Annual Halloween/Birthday Party.  We love this party so much more than he does and likely next year we will just call it our Halloween Party.  We ended up throwing him a second party for just his school friends, pics to follow. always, I decorate the house up, theme up the food and require all in attendance to be in costume.  Love how everyone is always a great sport about it!

Here are a few highlights from 2012's only as I don't really remember any good commentary from October. ;)

Awesome costumes...didn't get pics of everyone in the photo booth. Bummer!
The next day the kids had a birthday party to go to that was also a Halloween costume party, so they decided to go with a super hero theme!
Then we geared up for official Trick-or-Treating on the big night.  This is the saddest pic of Hawkeye and Aurora I've ever seen.  Regardless they got a great bunch of loot!


Karla said...

Such a fun party...Always a good time is had at the Blubaums!

Anonymous said...

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